Re: WebGuide troubleshooting

WebGuide is not a part of Vista, so if you're having problems with it you should contact your computer manufacture or the WebGuide folks for assistance.

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"Maurice" <Maurice@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:D540CD98-816F-4ABD-931A-08E7CAFABA91@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Just found this app on Vista Ultimate. Went through the configuration page,
created and account and went through the remaining tabs e.g network address.
Launhing generated the message: " Webguide was unable to load your guide
data. Check Media Center to ensure data is available. Don't know what to
check on my media center and seek guidance. This is a 2.6Ghz machine with
4Gb DIMMS. Any assistance would be appreciated. Also, I have version 4.
Went to the website for version 4.1 but the download has failed twice. I see
a message that the app must be removed before another version is installed
but I do not want to risk losing whatever it is I have at present.


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