Re: driver

What steps are you taking to try and get it to run Aero?
Do you have the ATI 8.5 Vista Catalyst drivers installed?
"harry wollmann" <harrywollmann@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:AD1A8F23-5E4C-473A-98DD-CFB35C98803A@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
ystem has 1 GB video card has 512 GB

"Curious" wrote:

Dos your system have 1GB of RAM?
Does your 1650 card have 128mb of memory?
It the answer to either of the above is no then you probably can not run
"harry wollmann" <harrywollmann@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>i downloaded and installed a video card driver but it doesn't show up >in
> device manager
> any ideas my card doesn't work rite i have a HIS x1650 pci express > card
> according to specs she is compatible with windows aero i run vista > home
> premium
> windows aero doesn't work either any suggestions


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