Re: An error has occurred. Not all fo the features were successfully changed.

This didn't work, because I cannot install it.

Do you have any other suggestions?



""Darrell Gorter[MSFT]"" <Darrellg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:bfHMCKexIHA.4564@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
You can get that error message if one of the manifests is corrupted.
Try running this tool which trys to repair the manifests.
947821 Description of the System Update Readiness Tool for Windows Vista;EN-US;947821

Darrell Gorter[MSFT]

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| >
| >I am trying to install the "Remote Server Administration Tools."
| >
| >Since I recieved the error, I wanted to see if I could install or
| >any of the features, but I get the same error if I try to turn on or off
| >of the features.
| >
| >I do have SP1. I just recently formatted and did a new installation with
| >the SP1 disk I recieved in the mail, that was made on 4/2008. I did my
| >install on around 5/01/2008.
| >
| >Thanks for the help,
| >
| >Tim
| >"Curious" <spammenot@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
| >news:6DB5ACB6-4DFF-4325-B347-0BD0AD05E17B@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
| >> Are you running SP1?
| >> What specific feature(s) are you trying to install? If more then one
| >> you tried installing them one at a time?
| >> "Joe" <Joe@xxxxxxx> wrote in message
| >> news:DD350CD0-C371-4770-9000-6C6DC2EAEFED@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
| >>> When I try to use the "Turn Windows features on or off" function to
| >>> or remove anything I get "An error has occurred. Not all of the
| >>> were successfully changed." at the end of the installation.
| >>>
| >>> I cannot figure out why. This is a problem, because I cannot
| >>> add any features.
| >>>
| >>> Thanks,
| >>>
| >>> Tim
| >>
| >
| >


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