Re: Scaling

You also might try changing your Dots Per Inch(DPI) setting.

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Something has gone haywire with your video/Graphics settings
Right-click on the empty Desktop> Personalise> change resolution in there.

If does not work, go to computer or motherboard or Graphics/Video card
Manufacturwer's site and download latest Drivers for your Graphics Card.

You can also check in Device Manager to see what is wrong with it, too!
Right-click on it, select Properties, and see what is up with the Driver.
Mick Murphy - Qld - Australia

"Kenwood" wrote:

My laptops been working flawlessly but when I turned it off earlier today and
then turned it back on all the icons/text/screen saver/images were much
larger...........and internet explorer isn't scaled properly (I now have to
use a bar at the bottom of the screen to scroll form left to right). I'm not
sure what's happened but I need help correcting.

Thank you very much!