Re: cant install windows server 2003 on vista

You are trying to do WHAT?!

If you are right clicking on the Server cd icon and selecting compatibility mode like a ordinary program then forget it. You cannot start a Windows Setup.exe that way. What does "i dont have hard disk drive" mean? You obviously do (you're running Vista on it). Did you mean to say that you don't have a free partition on your hard drive? Are you trying to create a dual boot system?

If you are wanting to run Server to learn more about it I suggest you use Virtual PC or Virtual Server instead, assuming you have 2GB or more on your system. That way you do not need a separate partition and you can even run Vista and Server simultaneously.

"cpower03" <cpower03@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:A7CB3A20-370E-45C5-8D56-6B3A60005933@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
everytime i try and install windows server 2003 enterprise edition on vista.
it gives me the error " setup cannot run in program compatibility mode". ive
tried installing from the disk when booting but it wont work since i dont
have hard disk drive every time i think i get anywhere i get the same error.
is there a way to disablle compatibility mode cause even when i use it i
stilll get errors any help thanks