Re: Windows failed to start.

DUNGOL;659891 Wrote:
Hi Guys,

This is the first time I am using the forum.
Could you help me?

My computer was working properly,then I had a power problem, my
computer turned off and turned on again.Now my windows doesn't open.
When I try to open I receive this message:
Windows failed to start.
Info:Windows failed to load because the system registry file is missing
or corrupted.
Please help me to fix it without losing my files.I have a restore cd,
but I dont want to use it, because I can't lose my files.The cd doesnt
has the choice to repair windows.Just restore it.
I am using Windows vista premium and my computer is Aspire E380 (Acer)
It has C: and D: partition, but I dont know if it is 32 or 64
I already use all steps in F8 screen, safe mode....last
configuration...anything didn't work.
Please help me!!

Hey everyone, I am having the exact same problem. The "Repair"
option usually fixes things, but i would like to know what is causing
the registry file to corrupt or go missing. Being able to solve that
particular problem would help tremendously as this error happens about
every other time i shut down my computer.

Hand built system:
Quad core
SATA 1Tb main drive (partitioned)
IDE 250Gb secondary drive
Vista x64
4gb RAM

Thank you all in advance!