Re: moving files from 98se to vista premium

CdLSRN wrote:
I have a Dell XPS T450 desktop with Win 98se. I want to buy a DellXPS 420 with quad
processor and 4 gig ram etc. I just need to move doc. files, a lot of .jpg files,
mov files, and Outlook Express, I have very important files with large attachment
stored in OE
My son got a new loaded Dell 420, 3 men came to the house from Dell to set it up and
move his
data from the same type of machine that I have. After they worked on it a while they
told him it could not be done and that he
would have to call Dell and tell them to put XP into his machine! These were people
Dell sent!!!
Anyway, I have the same kind of files. I don't expect to move my old programs. Will I
be able to move my files onto Vista Premium? Ginny

How to use Windows Easy Transfer to migrate files and settings from one Windows-based computer to another Windows Vista-based computer


Bruce Chambers

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