Re: System back-up/restore space allocation?


Don't confuse the backup and restore function with System Restore, they are two separate processes. System Restore allocates 15% of the drive and stores the backups in a System Volume Information folder. This function backs up the system file set as well as user files. The only way to tell how many points are available is to start the restore procedure, choose the option to look at additional points, and then enable the option to show all the available points. I suspect you'll find there is more than two of them unless you just installed SP1. System Restore points *must* remain on the volume that they are created from, they are not movable.

The system backup function in Home Premium backs up only your personal files, not the system files and creates a file you can move to alternate media.

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Vista Home premium - Each "back-up" takes 8 Gb, so there's only space
for 2 "restore points. (112GB hdd, system allocates 15% to

How does one allocate more space (and, could backup/restore be pointed
at D: partition, also 112Gb, instead of C: ) ?