Re: reinstall vista home premium without cd

Even the updates may not be a big deal if Vista SP1 was preinstalled.

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Colin's response is 100% spot on. Pre-installed systems without discs
are often factory-installed in a hidden partition on the hard disk.
Your documentation will possibly tell you which " f* " key to press on
initial boot (it may also be displayed on the pre-windows screen on
boot, just after memory test).
Be aware this will do exactly what it says - restore Vista to EXACTLY
as it was when delivered. It will re-format the C: drive, thus wiping
ALL the data, drivers and updates installed since you originally got the
In my experience (with ACER pc) this re-install process is relatively
simple, requiring minimal user input. However, it's the subsequent
updates that are the pain - you will need to download/install all the
Vista updates, PLUS re-install all your applications (and their updates
too) plus drivers for your peripherals. Look forward to at least 2 days

A tip - if not already done, partition your hard disk drive C;/into at
least two (do NOT attempt to change/format the existing hidden partition
else you will lose your "factory settings", i.e the entire factory
installed recovery system)

When you have recovered your system, use the D: drive to store ALL your
data files/drivers etc
Reason? If/when you have to "restore" again (and thus reformat/wipe the
C: drive, again) it's only the C: drive that's wiped - data stored on
D: is still there!