Re: Visat home premium - delete specific system restore points

Can't be done, sorry. The best you can do is remove all but the last restore point.

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"Masterbowl" <guest@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:3c588a0a81002e48b1fea95ffc46f74b@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

New pc, Vista Home premium + SP1 reload, close to final set-up.

There's a user-labelled System Restore point dated 1st June (which I
want to keep) plus a series of daily restore points, system generated
(presumably during/after installation of new progs or updates) then a
further user-labelled restore point, 6th June (user-labelled, i.e. "SP1

QUESTION how to delete the "daily restore points" in-between?

Reason - 1st June is a "clean" system with SP1. The latest is a
"clean" system with other progs loaded. I don't need the "in-between"
ones, keeping them will eventually wipe the original from memory -
("fifo" when space becomes critical).