Re: Vista v.upgrade used to do a clean OS install; Product key is inva

Well, the Geek Squad is responsible for the issue
and you should demand they they pay for a "Full Version"
Windows Vista Home Premium license.

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"david" <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:EDF52933-00D7-4146-AF0D-8AAC099FE873@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Nutshell: One month ago, Geek Squad re-installed my OS by doing a clean
install using a Vista Home Premium - Upgrade version. Today, exactly one
month from that install, I get a message that my "activation period has
expired". I tried to use my product key but Microsoft says it is invalid.
What can I do?

Background: My Gateway came with XP/Vista capable. So after some time, I
decide to upgrade to Vista. I bought the $159.99 Vista Home Premium -
Upgrade version from Best Buy. Then I had Vista. Some time later, my hard
drive burns out so I asked Geek Squad to fix it. The solution was to buy a
new HDD and re-install OS. The Geek Squad agent installed Vista directly
from the upgrade version essentially doing a clean OS install using an
upgrade version only. That was 5/7/2008.

Today: Exactly one month later, 6/7/2008, I try to start windows and get
this error: "Activation period has expired", "product key invalid".

Things I tried:
(1) called Microsoft at 1-800-936-5700 and talked to Sham. They tell me I
have an invalid product key. They tell me that I can't use Windows and I
need to call 1-800-936-5700 M-F 9-5.
(2) called 1-800-GEEK SQUAD and talked to Andrea. They tell me it was not
Geek Squad's fault until Microsoft thinks it is. Will they call Microsoft?
Doubt it.
(3) called my local GEEK SQUAD tech. They said to try my XP product key -
that didn't work. They have no idea what to do next and suggested I bring it
in for them to look at.