Re: Reinstalling Vista upgrade downloaded from Digital Locker

Here is a link for ISO burning software; get the V3 for vista
Mick Murphy - Qld - Australia

"Mick56" wrote:

The link you referred to ultimately leads you to the instructions I was
referring to in my first post, which refer to using an installation DVD. I
don't have a DVD, I do have the installation files in a folder on a 3rd hard
drive though. I'm worried that if I run the installation from that drive, at
some point the computer will restart, but because the installation files are
on that external drive and not on a DVD, the computer will just reboot into
XP and not continue with the install. The info on the link you provided does
not discuss this unfortunately.

So I guess I should phrase the question this way: Can I, while running XP
(on my C drive), run the Vista install/setup files on the external drive to
install Vista(on my D drive)? Thank you

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and click on the "Help" button located in the upper right corner.

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"Mick56" <Mick56@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:43F32D2F-6C49-46F1-97D1-5AFB3947D134@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I'm sorry if this is an obvious question. I have a dual boot system with XP
and Vista. Vista was purchased and downloaded via Digital Locker. I need to
reinstall Vista fresh, again as part of a dual boot. I still have my Digital
Locker info and I can download Vista again, but I don't think I have to as I
still have the original download on an external drive. Most of the "how to
reinstall Vista" info I have found on this cite refers to a CD or DVD, which
I don't have. Do I need to burn one? I don't remember if I had to do that
the first time I installed Vista.

Again, I need to do a fresh install of Vista using my downloaded Vista
Upgrade, as part of a dual boot system. Any help would be much appreciated.
Thank you!