Re: SP1 install

If you get to the licence agreement you should have an option to accept or decline the licence. Usually, by default, the 'decline' is ticked - hence the 'Next' button being grayed out or not available. Look for the boxes that say 'Accept Licence Agreement' and 'Decline licence agreement'. Make sure the 'accept' one is marked then the Next button should become available.


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"Mike Rapolas" <Mike Rapolas@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:91DA7D70-2604-4469-91ED-9E2D48BA598B@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I have tried to install SP1 a number of times.
I get the install and the download, when I get to the license agreement I
see the next box and cancel box. The next box is never ready to select. When
I cancel I get an error message:
"WindowsUpdate_000004C7 WindowsUpdate_dt000"

Can I get any help from someone or can someone guide me.

Thank you so much.