Re: Winload.exe

Winload.exe actually loads Vista. The normal procedure would have been to insert your Vista DVD and select 'repair startup'. However, if you don't have a Vista DVD you are rather stuck.

Even though the operating system came pre-loaded the PC manufacturer should have given you an option to re-install Vista; this will either be a DVD of the operating system, or, an image of the operating system on a hidden partition. The first thing you need to do is check your PC literature to see whether you have a 'recovery partition' which you can access to re-install the operating system. If you can't find any instructions then you will need to contact the manufacturer of your PC and ask if they can supply you with a recovery DVD. Either way you will loose all your files and any programs you installed, so I hope you have backups?

Alternatively, does friend have a copy of the Vista DVD? You may be able to use that, simply to enter the 'repair' options and then select the 'repair startup'


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"Banpei" <Banpei@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:4B6D6808-1F44-4B49-B7F2-49FE19C7ED25@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hello, I'm using Vista home premium 32 bit, and it automatically installed an
update from microsoft. It then asked me to restart the computer, which I
did, but when I did, it wouldn't load again because it said that "winload.exe
was missing or corrupt". It then asked me to use the installation cd to
restore it, but Vista came preinstalled, so I don't have the CD. How can I
fix this? I can't even load to safe mode to restore to a restore point....