Re: cant install Windows installer 3.1

internet updates is where you can get it

"kostya" <kostya@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:A9FE0267-9E88-4EFC-8996-A775A7ED3055@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
i had some problems with my laptop so i had to run the System Operating CD to
fix my laptop, after that everything was fine and then i got a pop up saying
i need to install Microsoft Windows Installer 3.1 so i clicked install but it
says it couldnt install for some reason and it said that the problem is that
it cant find the file D:\j386\WINNTUPG\NETUPGRD.DLL it asnt really and issue
to me untill now that i need to install a program and it requeres the Windows
installer 3.1, so please some one help me with this its really urgent, please


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