Re: Re Installing windows XP

You can change the boot sequence in the computer BIOS's setup, usually you can enter it pressing DEL button at startup, and there you should look for for boot configuration/setup/order menu which allows you to change the order of boot devices (like make your computer boot from cd on next startup).


Simon wrote:
I am attempting to format my sons hard drive and reload windows XP as currently it is running like a pig as my son has spent two years dowloading every known game and mod known to mankind. I have a recovery disk but do not know how to boot from the disk. I have started the PC whilst pressing the F8 key and hoped I would see an option to boot from the CD drive, but dont see it. If I run the disk whilst whilst XP is running and click the install windows XP it tells me it is an older version of XP on the disk and does not give me the option to continue to overwrite it.

Anyone tell me how to proceed?



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