Re: Not a "Genuine Copy", and an "Invalid Activation Key" from Gat

In response to both of you. I did contact Gateway before I posted this
Question/Rant. I just finished talking with them and the official answer is
to do a Full Restoration of the OS and run updates. So I loose everything on
it. My ability to back up my info is presently limited. but I'll do what I
can. But I don't believe this is the only, or even a solution. I believe it
will only put it off from happening again for 30 days. Which is the length of
time for a trial period of windows vista. This computer has been sent to
Gateway 3 time for problems and every time this has shown up. Even after I
ran a complete update run (no more updates available, your computer is up to
date). And they wouldn't even look at anything other than doing a Full System
Restore. I have found an article in the Windows database about an activation
key exploit. Could this be the culprit? and how do I look for it before I
rule it out.

"John Barnett MVP" wrote:

You will need to contact Gateway; they are responsible for ensuring that
your software is legal, and if it isn't, remedying the situation.


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"karlano" <karlano@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Why does the copy of Windows Vista Home Premium on my new Gateway computer
show as being not a geniune copy with an invalid Activation Key?
I bought this computer in Sept/07. It has been back and between me and
Gateway many times.It's been back for about a month and just when things
like they might have setteled down, I get a message saying my activation
is invalid. It shuts down and when I startup I have to re-enter the
activation code that came with the computer. It starts up and everything
up and agaian but now I have a message in the lower right coner of my
that say's:

Windows Vista (TM)
Build 6001
This copy of Windows is not genuine

So did Gateway screw me, or is this a bug and there's a fix. I came across
an Activation Exploit Repair Process (SL07-001) but I don't know if that
the right fix.