Re: 160 GB HDD

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Good Day everyone ! I have a question. My computer has 160 GB HDD . bf
reformat i have 2 partision "C " n " D " however, after reformat to vista
ultimate and using 1 partision on my HDD ( C ) shows 79.8 GB free of 100 GB
it mean 60 GB is missing.
currently my computer is running in very good performance.

What's going on? Any help or advice would be very much appreciated.

Thanks n brdgs

If you just formatted the partitions, you didn't change any sizes. The existing partitions were used.

If you were intending to use the entire disk for one large partition, you needed to delete the partitions during the Vista install, and create one new one.

Now, you may be able to back up whatever is on the D partition (if anything), delete that partition, and expand the C partition.