Re: hi, HD problem

Are you saying your PC doesnt boot to windows?

If that is the case, reboot the PC, hit F8 immediately & keep tapping it,
your sys may sqawk at you, the next screen should give options, try last
good configeration

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Colin Barnhorst;744375 Wrote:
Have you run chkdsk to check and repair the file system on the drive?

Right click on the drive's icon in Computer and choose Properties/Tools
"check volume for errors." Leave the "automaticall fix file system
checked and click Start.

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there's no error message, & the HD lights up when i plug it in, but
computer isn't reading it. it's been like this since earlier when i
playing a game i have installed on it, & suddenly the game froze & it
stopped reading

Jyn > >

but the drive isn't even showing up in computer. it's the D:\ drive i
need. isn't there some sort of expert way to do it like through run or