Re: Vista Home to Ultimate

You cannot downgrade. You may be able to restore your computer from a backup you made before you started the upgrade or to factory condition if you purchased the computer with VHP preinstalled. You do not give any of the info a person needs to help you, though. You need to say what the make and model of the computer is and whether your Vista is x86 or x64.

You need to tell us in what way Office is not working. You cannot reinstall Office from Windows.old. You can only retrieve data files from that folder.

Why did you overwrite by doing a custom install over VHP with Vista Ultimate instead of doing the upgrade installation? The upgrade choice would not have rolled everthing up into a windows.old folder. Your apps would not have to be reinstalled.

"Joanna" <Joanna@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:A4439874-6D5B-4BE2-AF90-011C15F33FDA@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
i upgrade. nothing works.
including ms office
how can i either retrive programs from the windows.old catalog or to

"Jeff Kerry" wrote:

I have an upgrade package to Ultimate.

Before I install it, need to know if I will have to reinstall all my
programs on the computer.

Does the upgrade package delete all other programs installed or just the OS
and still have your programs work as before.