Re: i have a cd...and a product key on the bottom of my laptop

I'm committing fraud by installing an operating system on my own computer?

Oh my, someone call the news media.

I didn't know it was fraud to install something on ones own computer.

Let me make it simple for you.

The Retail and OEM discs are the same image.

Do a binary comparison genius.

This isn't XP days.

The discs are one and the same.

If you don't believe me go buy an OEM disc from newegg and then do a binary comparison.

They will come up with the same CRC.

What you're talking about is restore discs which are not the same.

So long story short, I use an OEM (the same type you can buy at newegg) disc coupled with my Retail key because they are the same disc.

I just don't happen to have any retail discs with SP1 already included.

I do happen to have the ISO images that MS provided us with at the end of the SP1 beta as well.

That's how I know that the binaries match up, bit for bit.

"Bruce Chambers" <bchambers@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:#aieodXzIHA.4848@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Shane Nokes wrote:
No there's not.

I have an OEM disc that I use for my retail installs ....

That's a flat out contradiction. OEM and retail are mutually exclusive terms. If you're selling OEM installations as retail licensed, you've been committing fraud in a big, big way.


Bruce Chambers

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