Re: Product Key & OEM ID

Office XP is the name of the suite of productivity applications.

It is not an operating system.

To be honest I would really recommend hiring someone who is an IT person.

Not to make you feel bad, but someone who isn't trained on this stuff should never be forced into that sort of position.

It's just asking for trouble.

"Novice2000" <Novice2000@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:980CB72D-594A-48B1-86B0-C3508C4F65A0@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I have inherited anything computer in my office and my knowledge is limited.
Can someone explain to me about Product Keys on crystals, Product Key
Certificates of Authenticity on the tower, and the OEM code in System
Properties? How can you match them up?

Doing some recent updates on the computers in our office, I discovered two
machines still have Windows 2000. They were all supposed to have been
upgraded with XP, but obviously weren't.

This is a really stupid question, but I was given a box full of software for
Office XP Professional. Is this the same as Windows XP Professional? Is it
included in the CD or is it something that was installed separately? I do not
see nay software labeled Windows XP Professional.


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