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It's doesn't, the computer didn't start, that's why I put in the dvd, to
repair the start-up problems

"JW" wrote:

Without the Installation DVD in the drive can you perform a SafeMode F8
If yes try running an full antivirus scan from SafeMode or try a repair from
the F8 boot screen.
"SomeOne.." <SomeOne..@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Well, the computer is about 6 months old,

CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800+
GPU: nVidia Geforce 8500GT
Ram: 2047 Mb
OS: Windows Vista Home Premium

There is activity and such, after about 10 minutes the arrow appears, but
there is nothing to click on, it'ts a black background.

The computer starts, it checks the discs and all that stuff.
Then it asks to push a button to start from the dvd, so I do that, it
the files, then the windows loading bar comes up. but then it's just a
screen, so I can't choose to repair the computer ...

"Malke" wrote:

SomeOne.. wrote:

Yesterday when started COD4 my computer locked up. So I had to reset
done that, but it wouldn't start up anymore. So I put in the vista
but when it had loaded all the files, there is just a black screen,
nothing more ....
What can I do?

Is this a black screen with absolutely nothing on it? No blinking cursor?
there any activity on the computer at all? Light on the hard drive? Noise
of fans?

You see, you just haven't provided enough information to get focused
From your description, all I can say is that you may have hardware
I can't tell you what components because you haven't described your
machine, its recent history, or exactly what it's doing well enough.

You can take the machine to a local professional (don't use someone from
BigComputerStore type of place), or call the OEM's tech support if you
that sort of computer (Dell, HP, etc.). Or if you want to try and do
self-help here, see these links for what details to include in your next
post: - How to Ask a
Question - How Not to Get Technical Help

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