Re: Can I get a refund for Vista?

Guess you didn't read the label:
"Verify compatibility with 64-bit services prior to purchase."

That said, you could probably have the manufacturer send you the 32-bit
(For a nominal fee to cover shipping and handling.)

You could take the computer back to the dealer and maybe swap it for
something comparable in 32-bit.

But, to get a credit for just the OS being incompatible. Not likely.

"John Henckel" <John Henckel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I bought a new pc with Vista-64 ultimate OEM installed. But now I
that I cannot use it, because I need Cisco VPN IPSec Client to connect to
work, and Cisco does not support Vista 64.

So my question is. Can I get a refund on Vista, or a credit toward
of XP Pro, or can I resell Vista to someone else?

thanks, john