Re: Which version of SP1

While the 2-lane /4-lane analogy conveys the address bus improvement, keep
in mind:
A 4-lane highway needs more on/off-ramps and bigger parking lots for those
additional cars. The road is still the same length.

If you have more than one processor, but only one "combined" address or data
bus ( on/off ramps from the processors) going to one parking lot (memory)
then the processor may sit there waiting for something to do.

Things have been done such as raising the speed limit (front-side bus
speed), but there can still be traffic jams. And, the data still has to be
retrieved from memory (drive around the parking lot until you get to the

The typical user will see no improvement using 64-bit over 32-bit.
But, it is the future, it's stable, and it is well supported. I have not run
into a single program that would not run on 64-bit. Nor, have I run into a
piece of hardware that wasn't supported by a driver. I am not as seasoned at
64-bit as some, but have had zero issues with it for the last year and

Don't think of it as faster. It's restructured to handle future upgrades.
(Subtely, that means that 32-bit is becoming obsolete and will cause
problems in the future, kind of like 16-bit is causing "some" problems now.
And, 8-bit, which was once the high-tech forerunner is now only seen between
hardware components, although still very commonly used.)

"Troy" <Troy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
in other words... think of it as a 2-lane highway (32-bit) or 4-lane
(64-bit) it's double the bandwidth or data path as it were... thereby
handling more information simulatneously... per given compute cycle.

as the above mentioned, you have to obviously have the hardware and
to support it.... for it to mount to a hill -o-beans.

hope that is a generic enough explanation...

"Bob F." wrote:

Well, short answer, 64 bit means a wider addressing space which offers
faster code execution and greater physical code space which reduces
memory need for large programs like graphics. Glad you asked? This
runs faster. Most people don't notice the difference except under
circumstances. You will need some special drivers for it to be used and
all application are set up to take advantage of it. I'd wait a while
if your thinking of a change unless you have a particular reason.

Regards, BobF.
"doonboggle" <doonboggle@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Thank you. While I've got you 'on the line', can you advise of what
the 2
different versions are, and why, for please. I have just plain ole
computers for 'old folks' ... like me and the wife.


"doonboggle" wrote:

The one I'm on now, with Ultimate, showed 32 bit. Does that mean I
put the x86 version on ... since the other version (of SP1 downloads)
it as being X64?

"Bob F." wrote:

Please go to Start > Rt click on Computer > Properties. Look in
"System" panel and you will see 32 or 64 - bit Operating System.

Regards, BobF.
"doonboggle" <doonboggle@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in
I have 2 computers. One has Vista Home Premium and the other has

Today, after being advised by Update that SP1 is available to me,
downloaded and saved both versions from the Microsoft site; 32

BUT ... I really do not understand the difference between 32 and
it seems like Vista should be Vista, like XP was XP.

Can someone please advise me which version of SP1 I need to put
individual Vista installations of Home Premium and then Ultimate.



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