Re: Motherboard Being Replaced

You should not have a problem bringing the system back up on the new mobo. There is only one ACPI x64-based PC driver for all Vista x64. The system may immediately want to install some new drivers for things like the NIC if that changes, but the system itself should not be a problem. But stuff happens, so be prepared.

Back up your system, of course, just in case.

"Casanova Fly" <Casanova Fly@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:A5CA41D5-F238-477A-853E-461F92498474@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Alright. I'm running Vista Ultimate 64-bit on a eVGA nForce 780i motherboard.
I'm about to upgrade to an eVGA nForce 790i motherboard. I've got an
authentic version of Windows, obviously, got the disc and everything. WHAT do
I need to do to make this successful WITHOUT having to do a full reinstall?
I've read a lot of stuff about disabling and uninstalling drivers and chipset
drivers and controllers and stuff, only having so many peripherals plugged in
on startup, etc. Is there anyone out there with any advice on how to
successfully switch motherboards WITHOUT the full reinstall.


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