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The reason I can compare vista to macs is because my husband owns a mac
and as much as we are both on the computer, I've noticed since he has
gotten a mac he has had NO issues big or small with installs, downloads,
nor viruses. I, however, had problems with downloads and installs that
weren't vista compatible. I just RECENTLY got flash player to work on my
vista. so I can speak from experience and proof according to my
situation. I also happen to get Vista when it FIRST came out. So I knew
that I was going to have some issues with other software
compatibilities. Now that the major gliches have been fixed and more
websites are having program installs vista compatible, it's been an
easier journey.


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On Jun 15,
Hi, I am using Vista Home Premium. I loaded a program (which had a 30 day
trial) and because I didn't register it within the 30 days, it won't
function. That is understandable. However, I have the disk, registration
number and serial number but whenever I uninstall and reinstall the program,
it says I have 0 days left and even though I put in the registration details,
it ignores it. I am guessing that somewhere in the computer's memory, there
is something that says this is not a new installation. How can I completely
clean this up and start again from scratch? Many thanks.

It's this sort of reaction to Vista that makes me wish that Microsoft
would just
Keep XP alive..

- Or allow someone else tht right to do it..

In the mean time, Ubuntu runs flawlessly on the other partition of my
rebuilt XP Box..

- Save Windows XP