Re: Right Click Crashes Windows Explorer

I am familair with the Avanquest patch. However, to iinstall it I must be
acting as the Administrator. To run the patch as Administrator, I must be
able to right click. And all of of a sudden I am caught in a Catch-22: I
have no right-click functionality to run the patch that will restore
right-click functionality.

Is there a way to run the patch as Administrator without right-clicking?

BTW, I uninstalled PowerDesk; and I still had the same problem with Windows
Explorer -- no ability to right click, e.g., to change a file's name

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"Terry Smerling" <smerling@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Thank you for the quick reply. Before I posted I tried ShellExView and
disabled all non-MS context menu handlers, but the problem continued
nonetheless. Any other ideas?

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Hi Terry,

This is most likely caused by a third-party shell extension. See "Method
2" here:

Right-click is slow or weird behavior caused by context menu handlers:


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"Terry Smerling" <smerling@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Each time I attempt a right click to access the context menu Windows
Explorer crashes. This is true whether I use Explorer or PowerDesk Pro
7 as my file manager. As a result I am unable to zip files, rename
files or run executables as the Administrtor. The error message I get
is simply that "Windows Explorer has stopped working." I suspected
that possibly Norton 360 was the culprit, but I disabled Norton 360 and
the problem persists. I believe this problem did not start until I
installed Vista's SP1. I am running Vista Home Premium on a powerful
MicroExpress machine with ample RAM. Any ideas or suggestions would be
greatly appreciated.

It is in fact a conflict between Power Desk 7 and Norton 360. See
Hope it helps.