Re: How to re-install Ultimate without the full or upgrade disk? Microsoft Ultimate Upgrade Digital Locker issue?

Now that you clearly defined your plan of action,
you should not have any issues.

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I am TRANSFERRING the license(s). I would like to install XP again (I
have license and Disk), Install VistaBus Upgrade (I have license and
Disk) and Install Ultimate Upgrade (I have digital locker token).
What I am asking is if this simple process will work. I plan to wipe
out the OLDER PC so that the license will be active only on the newer
PC. (And a phone call to Microsoft will take care of activation I

Any issues here?

On Jun 16, 10:05 am, "Carey Frisch [MVP]" <cnfri...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Without a qualifying Windows operating system installed,
you cannot use the upgrade version of Windows Vista.
You'll need to purchase a "Full Version" license for Vista
if you wish to install it on an empty hard drive.

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I have a PC which originally in 2006 had XP, then I used Vista
Business Upgrade disk and License to upgarde to Vista Business last
year. Worked fine. Then I spent $139 around xmas with Microsoft's
online Ultimate Upgrade and they sent me the Full all-versions DVD and
an email with some Digital Locker code. Windows Ultimate Vista is now
perfectly installed.

So, Now I want to scrap that old PC and put the Ultimate license on a
new PC I have which has no operating system on it currently.

1. I understand I can transfer the license to the new PC by
uninstalling Vista and formatting the older PC's hard disk, but...

2. I am not sure how to proceed because I do NOT have a Ultimate
upgrade disk, just the all-version Vista disk. For that matter I am
not even sure where my Ultimate license is since Microsoft sent it to
me in some kind of Digital Locker token. I have the Vista Business
Upgrade disk and license there too. And I have the original XP disk
and license.

I would like to just re-install whatever to get to a Ultimate Vista
machine using my existing license(s).

Suggestions on a path to take would be helpful.