Re: NTLDR Missing

You don't give the make and model of your laptop. Dell has a utility for restoring the boot sector so that you can access the restore from a function key after overwriting it.

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I had a pre installed vista vaio laptop. I converter it to dual boot
system with windows XP installed on it. I didnt get any back up cd with
the laptop but it has a separate partition for recovery which used to
come up when i pressed F10 during system boot. Now when i converted it
to dual boot and now when I am pressing F10 to restore factory settings
its saying NTLDR missing. Since I needed to format, I just formatted the
partition of XP and again tried to reboot. But again its saying the same
when pressing F10. Although I am able to boot Vista normally

Its just that I am not able to get to the system recovery.

Thanks in Advance



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