Re: Windows Easy Transfer can't transfer from Vista-64bit?

You're welcome. Why don't you ask in the newsgroup. I believe some folks who hang out there know about some third party programs that can do what you want.

"RJ" <RJ@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:497EAD94-22FD-4A6E-9188-8AB3E24D0A26@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Looks like you have the answer I "wasn't" looking for.

Now that I know the 64 to 32 bit WET transfer is not supported (MS only
knows why...) do you have any recommendations for a utility out there that
might support this? Free preferably but I'm open to options before I pull the
plug and do it manually.

Thank you for the post Colin!


"Colin Barnhorst" wrote:

64 to 32 is the one way that is not supported. Sorry. All the other
possibilities work, of course.

"RJ" <RJ@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>I tried out Vista Ultimate 64bit for a month and got whipped by driver
> issues. I installed Vista Ultimate 32bit on a 2nd partition and tried
> using
> Windows Easy Transfer to transfer files and settings from the 64bit
> installation and pick them up in the 32bit installaion. This is the > error
> I
> get every time I try to complete the transfer: "The store you selected > was
> saved on a 64bit machine. Windows Easy Transfer cannot apply the data."
> Is there a way to use WET to transfer files from a Vista-64bit
> installation?
> If not WET, is there another utility?