Re: Dual boot: Vista and Vista on 2 Hard Drives?

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There are many articles on how to dual boot Vista and XP, but I want to dual
boot Vista and Vista, with an existing installation, on 2 Hard Drives.

Currently I switch these in the BIOS, but I'd much rather chose at a later
stage, can this be done?

Why? Because I keep one of the drives for random software that I rarely use.

It is not possible. Not easy. You have to changing things in the
register, so the 2nd Vista knows it is on the 2nd drive.

Met vriendelijke groeten, Jawade. MBR-rebuilders in DiskEdit! Met een mirror op
Bootmanager (+Vista +Linux), ClrMBR, DiskEdit (+Linux), POP3lezer,
DOS-Filebrowser, Kalender, Webtellers en IP-log, USB-stick tester.
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