Re: Error loading operating system

Vista has a startup repair tool that you can access by booting with the dvd. Give it a try.

"Flime" <Flime@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:3E8FF9D5-2968-41D1-AD56-8AA18F2E5DB9@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I built this system
EVGA 750i SLI MB- Intel Duo Core Quad 6700 CPU - EVGA 9800GTX- Samsung 750GB
SATA HDD. 2 Opticle drives SATA & Logitech G15 keyboard. I have all current &
appropriate drivers for Vista 64 Bit OS.

I initially insatlled Win XP (32bit) while waiting for Vista (64bit) to get
here. I originally had a partition, but I deleted partitions & reformat to
install Vista on one primary drive.

Now on initial start I get 'error loading operating system' but when I
restart PC it boots up ok. I have Googled & employed numerous suggestions
regarding BIOS setting for SATA HDD to Large, Boot priority..ect. I have
tried reformating HD & repartition again, all no help.

My system works, it just gives me the error when I turn on the PC after it's
been off-but boots up ok when doing re-starts. Anyone help with this? I'm
considering going back to WinXP & just write off the $$ spent on Vista.
Please help frustrated PC novice.


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