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There is a known issue with installing x64 when 4GB of ram is installed. Reduce it to 2GB, install Vista, then reinsert the other 2GB of memory.

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"Troy" <Troy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:11EB163B-E01A-461F-85AA-1A5A8D90F1DF@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
New build will not install Vista Ultimate 64-bit edition. Errors vary.

System is an Intel Q9450 quad core, with Intel DX48BT2 motherboard with OCZ
matched pair 4gig ram (2x2gig) IDE DVD drive, and 1 SATA HDD. saphire
radeon HD 3870 w/512mb ram... video

Hard drive, formatted and run install - first attempt reboots at 65% file
expanding and bootmgr doesn't exist... tried various suggested fixed. no

Reformatted drive, turned off all boot from USB and other unnecessary
options ... tried install again -- got to 95% before reboot... now windows
tries to boot to complete install but fails at the F8 option screen stating
registry corrupt or missing.

Mother board and processor obviously vista-ready -- video vista ready or
yet cannot complete installation 100% before it randomly reboots.... I
assume a hardware or driver conflist when trying to detect... but no way to
tell as there are no error messages.

suggestions please? getting frustrated - and I normally do this for a