Re: Home Premium to Ultimate Failure

There are no dumb questions.

Your OP stated you did not activate Vista Home Premium before you attempted
the upgrade to Vista Ultimate via WAU. That would be why it originally

The more recent error message is as Colin has pointed out. You have SP1
installed and upgrade media that does not have SP1 installed. But, WAU sends
media with SP1 installed, so now I'm not sure we are talking apples and
apples. When you stated you purchased Windows Anytime Upgrade, did you mean
the online version from Windows Marketplace or you bought an upgrade disk
from the local retailer?

If the local retailer, do as Colin stated.
If online (WAU), then the "kit" you received should be the correct version.

Either way, you can read the disk label to see if SP1 is part of the media.

"Rod Rocket" <Rod Rocket@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
It sounds like a good 'you idiot' reply, but I have a similar situation.
A worker with creditcard bought a lovely Lenovo T61 with Vista Home
(says so right on the little sticker), much to my dismay - it NEEDS to
connect to a domain. 'No Worries' says the purchaser - just buy an
upgrade -
only $150!! (Aussie). Yeah - but what about the $150/hr x countless that
I've spent trying to do the upgrade.
The Upgrade disk I bought doesn't have a code, and says it's SPECIFICALLY
for those who've bought Vista and are upgrading. (NOW I've read the
stories from Amazon buyers of this software package.. I'm worried - 4
and counting).
I did install and ACTIVATE the Vista Home Premium, and restarted, before
trying the upgrade. MY error message says I can't upgrade because the
software I'm upgrading TO is older than the software I'm upgrading

"Mark H" wrote:

Windows Anytime Upgrade requires that the current installation is

"cadlearning" <cadlearning@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Purchased an HP notebook with premium and set it up but did not

Then purchased an Ultimate Upgrade with anytime upgrade

Installed the upgrade using the key from the bottom of the PC when it
for the current product key.

No errors. Finishes the upgrade and restarts and still is running

Why did ultimate not take?

We need ultimate to login to a domain.


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