Re: Installing 64bit Vista with SATA drives

Generally, Vista has raid controller support
If drivers are required they can be installed from usb stick or cd, if cd
you eject the Vista dvd at the appropriate time, insert the cd, once driver
loaded, replace with DVD.
The hd's are formatted in the usuall way, using Vista dvd.

I say generally because installation procedure can vary by mobo.

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You do know that raid 0 has no redundency, lose one hd and you lose

You first read the mobo manual to see whether you have to amend bios
settings for raid,
You configure the raid in the raid bios, then install win

Yes I am aware of the drawback of RAID0 - I need all the speed I can get
for HD video editing.

I am aware of the BIOS settings in relation to RAID it is more what to
expect during installation, like I said, it's things like how do I format
the drives and how do I install the SATA drivers when I only have one
DVD/CD Drive and no floppy.

I would hope it all becomes obvious as you progress but, as I also said, I
don't like surprises and in my experience Microsoft are good at throwing
up surprises!!