Re: Generic Postscript Driver + Vista 64x

Use the instruction here, works somewhat for vista too:

On the Start menu, click Printers and Faxes.
Under Printer Tasks, click Add a Printer.
Follow the instructions in the Add Printer Wizard.
Under Local or Network Printer, select Local printer attached to this
computer, and then make sure that Automatically detect and install my
Plug and Play printer is cleared.
Under Install Printer Software, click Have Disk.
In the Install From Disk dialog box, click Browse, and then navigate to
\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11 on the drive where you have
installed Microsoft Publisher.
Select the file MSCOL11.INF, and then click Open, and then click OK.
Windows XP will install the printer driver Generic Color PS for
Commercial Printing.

On the File menu, click Print.
Under Printer, select Generic Color PS for Commercial Printing.
Select Print to file.
Click Properties, and then click Advanced.
Under printer name Advanced Document Settings, expand Document Options,
and then expand PostScript Options.
Click next to PostScript Output Option, choose Encapsulated PostScript
(EPS) from the drop-down menu, and then click OK twice to return to the
Print dialog box.
Under Print range, type the range for the single page you want to save
as an EPS file. For example, to save page 2 as an EPS file, type
“2” in the From box, and then type “2” in the To
Click Advanced Print Settings.
For Output, select Composite CMYK, and then click OK.
In the Print dialog box, click OK to print.
In the Print to file dialog box, select a location to save the EPS file
to, and then type a name for your file. Be sure to use the filename
extension .eps.
Click Save.


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