Re: SuperAntiSpyware Professional Expires Prematurely

See "SUPERAntiSpyware question" posted 05/2 seperately elsewhere by Mike Duncan of SA.
They also have their own support forums:

Consumer Security

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The fact also remains that they advertise a 15 day trial, anything beyond that is a gift more or less, not something your entitled to. As stated earlier you need to talk to their support people, this is not a Vista issue, nor is it related to hardware.


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David B. I can read just fine.

It doesn't say on the site that the trial period is 365 days but it says so on the Application window that opens up on my other computer. It shows on that window that I have "158 days left on my trial and says that the trial expires on 7/12/2010". When I first installed the app, it said I had 365 days until the trial expired. Apparently what's happened is that the trial time has recently been modified from 365 days to 15 days (the latter number IS stated on the website). Whether that's actually true or not doesn't matter. The fact remains that my trial version was originally good for 1 year, but now that's changed. And I didn't know this when I installed the same program on my son's computer. Based on others' comments, it looks like my son will not be able to re-install this program and his only recourse is to buy it. The site offers the non-Professional version of SuperAntispyware on a CD for $10 which is probably a good deal.

Paul C.

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You apparently can't read, from the SAS website "SUPERAntiSpyware Professional offers a 15-day fully functional free trial. You may try all features unrestricted."


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DL, the normal trial period for this scanner is 365 days. I have it installed on another computer and it's been running fine for 6 months with about 180 days left on the trial, so having it expire after 30 days is unusual. Paul C.

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You can set WU for automatic install of Critical updates.
I dont see any mention on their site as to how long the pro trial lasts for, 30 days would not be unisuall
If you trial the product and after expiry uninstall then reinstall there will be some entry in the registry that show the trial has expired, so you cannot trial again

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My son's HP laptop (Vista Basic, Firefox, 1.5 GB RAM) has been running quite well with MBAM, SuperAntiSpyware Professional installed for about a month. No viruses, malware, spyware so far. Windows Defender is active. My son's not dilligent about installing WU's so he's about 2 months behind.

All of sudden the free-to-try version of SuperAntiSpyware professional says it's expired after only 30 days. An uninstall and re-install did nothing.---the programs still says it's expired right after the install completes. It's possible that a system restore was done a few weeks ago for another issue. Could this have screwed up the program timer?

If we tried to download a fresh version of the program to a flash drive and Run if from there, would that set the timer clock back to zero?

Does anyone have a work-around so that we can get either another year on this program or the rest of the time `due us' back?

Thanks.................Paul C.