Re: multi port USB hubs question

Please think about what you just wrote. You have a drive that has 2 USB connectors (to plug into 2 individual USB ports). The reason is that one USB port may not be capable of supplying sufficient to run the drive, hence the second cable.

Now you plug both of these cables into a USB hub that is, in turn, connected to 1 (ONE) USB port.

You are overloading the single USB port and are lucky that you didn't burn out the port on your computer.

You need a USB hub with an external power supply to do what you want to do.


Richard Urban
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"Walter Goldschmidt" <wgold@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:heq17s$18av$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I recently received a multi port USB hub and plugged it into my laptop. It seemed like a good idea as I only had 2 USB ports on my computer. This gave me 4 where before I only had 1 which made a total of 5. I plugged a new external DVD burning drive into one of the multi ports ports. The drive used 2 ports, 1 for drive and 1 for drives power. I also plugged 2 external hard drives into the other 2 ports. The burning drive would not work and 1 of the external hard drives was not detected in computer. I worked on this problem all day surfing web for answers and finally got online with Microsoft support and chatted with a tech. He took control of my computer and did some troubleshooting for 3 hours. Nothing he did helped. I got to thinking about the multi port USB hub and unplugged it from computer. Then I plugged the burning drive directly into the computer using both USB ports on computer. It worked flawlessly. Is this typical of these hubs or do I just have a cheap one and need a better one. I think my ports on my computer weren't generating enough power to run all the devices. Any information on this would be very helpful.