Re: HP builded in Webcam!

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On Nov 26, 11:07 am, "Huib" <anonym...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sometime ago i dedected that the webcam was no more working.
Reinstalling the SW-driver didn't help.

Now the webcam is even no more visible in the device manager and i can
detect it anymore with the tool scanning for new HW?

Who can give any advice?


All integrated hardware should be and can be controlled from the
BIOS. Also, several laptop models have a special key, or key
combination, to turn on / off the various hardware that the
manufacturer had place in it. Check with HP tech support FAQs.

I didn' found nothing on special keys neither did i found something on HP-sites.
Into the bios i didn't look yet. this is for the coming days.
I have an impression that it happened after installing SP2 of vista.