Re: Microsoft wireless laser mouse 5000

Disconnect your old mouse and reboot.
Is the 5000 mouse detected - shown under Mice in Device Manager?

Put it close to the transmitter and test it on any flat surface. Does it work?

If either of the above fails, it is faulty and should be returned for replacement.

On 25/11/2009 12:14, spentbros wrote:
Thanks, Dominic, but I've already done that to no effect...

"Dominic Payer" <dcp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
If you go to
and select the mouse and keyboard separately you will get links to the
Intellipoint and Intellitype software you need.

The page is broken for the desktop set as it does not list Windows 7
as an OS for the Wireless Laser Desktop 5000.

On 25/11/2009 09:45, spentbros wrote:
The mouse is Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse Model 1058 manufactured July
2009. The USB receiver is Microsoft Wireless Receiver v1.0 Model 1053. I
am running Vista 32 bit fully updated. I have installed the latest
driver from Microsoft website. The receiver is near the mouse so it's
not a proximity problem. I have tried resetting receiver & mouse to no
effect. The mouse just does nothing, move the cursor, click...

"R. C. White" <rc@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hi, spentbros.

Since we can't see your computer and mouse, we'll need a lot more
details to be able to guess at a precise solution. There are just too
many variables, starting with the EXACT version of your mouse.
Microsoft uses so many confusingly-similar names that it's
near-impossible to know whether we are discussing the same hardware or
not. (My Microsoft Wireless Desktop Laser 6000 is now up to v2.0 for
the mouse and v3.0 for the keyboard, all with the same name. They all
are wireless, but the original used an RF transceiver with a 6' cable
from the USB port; the current version has a 2.4 GHz transceiver
smaller than most USB thumb drives.) And your operating system; yes, I
know it's Vista, but is it 32-bit or 64-bit? And exactly which driver
and any other software? I've lived through SO MANY versions of
IntelliType and IntelliMouse that "the latest" version doesn't mean
much anymore. :>(

The problem may be as simple as distance and interference between the
transceiver and mouse. When I plug my little 2.4 GHz thingy into a USB
port on the back of my computer case, my keyboard often drops
keystrokes while I type or just goes to sleep for a minute or so,
right in the middle of a word. When I move the transceiver to a 4-port
hub closer to my desk, those symptoms disappear - but the USB hub
doesn't work before Windows starts up and runs its driver, so I can't
choose to dual-boot from Win7 to Vista without moving the little
thingy again.

About all I can suggest is that you check out two avenues:
1. In Device Manager, click Update Driver and have it search the
2. Go to
and give them the information I mentioned above.

Good luck!

R. C. White, CPA
San Marcos, TX
Microsoft Windows MVP
Windows Live Mail 2009 (14.0.8089.0726) in Win7 Ultimate x64

"spentbros" <spentbrothers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I just got one of these. I'm running Windows Vista & have been using
a wired
Intellimouse. I installed the software & followed the installation
instructions (I thought), but the wireless mouse & receiver (which the
system reports is working normally) doesn't seem to do anything.
The old
mouse is still installed & connected & works. What should I do to get
new mouse working? Be gentle with me I'm not a computer wizard...