Re: parition changes

Hi, Gail.

You haven't given us any numbers. Like, how big is the HDD? How big were the two partitions to start? How big are they now? How much is the unallocated space between them? (Maybe we could guess that last answer if we knew the old and new sizes of D:.

IF THE NUMBERS FIT, then you could create a new partition between D: and G: - let's call it X:. Then copy everything from G: into X:. Then delete G:. Create your new partition after X:; that's what used to be G: plus unallocated space; we'll call it Z:. Then assign the letter G: to X:. Final configuration: D:, G:, Z:.

For example with some random numbers; 160 GB HDD divided into two 80 GB partitions, now shrunk to 30 and 40 GB, leaving 50 and 40 GB unallocated spaces. Create 40 GB Drive X: between D: and G:. Move G:'s contents to X:. Delete G:, leaving a single unallocated space of 90 GB ((50=40=10) + 40 + 40). Final: 30 GB D:, 40 GB G:, 90 GB available for X: or Z: or whatever you choose.

There are many possible variations on this theme IF THE NUMBERS FIT. For example, you could create Z: first, move G:'s contents there, delete the old G: and create your new partition between D: and G: (Z:).

Give us some numbers and let us play some "What if?" with them.

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"Gail C" <gailc0279@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:157F6A53-CDDD-470A-8276-C2DAF943CEE8@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Originally the 2nd non-OS disk contained two primary partitions fully
allocated to drives D and drive G. I shrunk both and the unallocated space is
separated by the second former partition (drive G). How can i get the two
unallocated spaces into one area to format and create a new partition
thank you for your help