Re: DVD RW Drive Problem

BIOS didn't detect it either.

The drive is 3 years old.
Could it go bad in that short of time?


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What would cause Vista x32 sp2 to all of a sudden not see my
DVD RW Drive. I went to open it today and nothing happened.
I checked 'Computer' and the device wasn't there. I checked
BIOS and it showed as 'None'. The only option in the BIOS other
than 'None' was 'Disabled'
I opened my computer and checked the ribbon which seemed to be
connected ok. After jiggling the ribbon and checking the other
connections it now seems to be ok.
Could this be a bad ribbon?


Yes, or it could have been a loose or dirty connection. It's also possible that the drive may be failing and will act up intermittently. Note the MS Fix mentioned is irrelevant. If the drive was not being detected by the BIOS, it has nothing to do with Windows.