Portable hardrive no longer working

Make: Portable Lacie Segate ST3160023A Desktop150gig HD
OS: Vista Business 64 and Windows 7 Proffesional 64

I recently upgraded to windows 7 from vista about 2 months ago.
Everthing was working fine, apart from a few compatabilty issues with my
printer and speakers. Both my portable hardrives, the one mentioned
about and another 160 gig HD totaly in working order.

However when I moved house and did not have the internet for a few
weeks they both stopped working on windows 7. When I got the internet
back I tried installing new drivers/looking for help online but in the
end put it down to windows 7 teething issues.

I then installed my old OS (Vista 64) dual boot with 7 so I could use
them untill windows 7 caught up with updates. I managed to get the newer
160gig harddrive working with little problems however the older segate
failed to work.

Its difficult to get it to recognize, I uninstalled an reisntalled the
drivers many times. It comes up in Device manager under the USB
controller and as a disk drive. It also appears in Disk Management,
however it comes up as unallocated space and an unknown drive. And seems
to need to be intialised (seen below), but it alredy was.

[image: http://img5.imageshack.us/img5/6955/spaceuy.jpg]

I really do not want to loose the data on this drive, any ideas how I
can get it working again? Would rather not go down the remove it from
the casing and install it in the PC route unless I really have too.