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Nothing, the only thing is that Acer helpdesk can tell me whatever they
want. and I know that they are sending standard replys rather than
really looking at the problem. I don't know if what they are telling me
is true. It is in their interest to put the blame on the software, that
is where their warranty ends... So I would like to know if someone
vcould tell me if the errors are pointing in the direction of a problem
zith hard or with software, that is all...

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Yes they can tell you what ever they want. See DL's response for some issue resolution but still, with a "new" computer the company that made the computer is responsible for the hardware and also the software that THEY put on the computer.

If you installed anything else onto the computer you, or under the program's issuer the program company, are then responsible for it's actions. If you save your data files to a secure off-computer site or device and restore the computer to it's factory shipped state do you still have issues (yes a little drastic but if all else fails...).

Have you checked for any malware that may have been placed on the computer (malwarebyte and spybot search and destroy are two to use to check) by surfing the web, opening emails and the like?