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On Oct 25, 9:36 pm, "Curious" <spamme...@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I am now confused I am not sure what works and what does not work.
When you say when attached directly to a Samsung Flat Panel Monitor "It"
functions I am not sure what "it: is.
Is "it" a direct VGA connection from a 15 pin Din connector on the graphics
card to the monitor.  Or is it a DVI_I  to VGA adapter to a VGA cable to the

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When attached directly to a Samsung flat panel monitor (its mate for two
years) it functions flawlessly, using VGA cable.
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All DVI to VGA or DVI to Component adapters are DVI-I to XXX adapters
since they are using the 4 analog pins on a graphics card DVI-I( the I
stands for integrated digital and analog support capable) connector to
provide the VGA or Component content.  If your graphics card and drivers
do not support the output of VGA using the 4 analog pins then the adapter
can not do anything since there is no analog signal available to connect
Cables are not an issue since you are trying to use an adapter an not a

"Charles W Davis" <newsgr...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Curious, just an update. I have been to the Iogear web site. I found one
bit of information. The connector should be a DVI-I to VGA. I have
chased all over town and the only connector that mentions DVI-I is a
Radio Shack item that reads "DVI-A Female to HDD/VGA Male Adapter." It
didn't work. On the back is a note that reads: "Note: This adapter works
with DVI-A (analog) and DVI-I (digital and analog integrate) cables. It
does not work with DVI-D (digital) cables."
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I have a 8500GT card and there is no dongle for it to connect to VGA
using a DVI-VGA adapter.  My card came with a 7Pin round mini pin
connection and a dongle for it that supports a component or S-video
connection. My card also has a standard VGA connection.   Each
manufacturer of 8500GT cards can have different output connections and
connection options.  So the specific make of your 8500GT card is
important to know its abilities.

"Charles W Davis" <newsgr...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
GeForce 8500 GT, I see nothing on the NVIDIA site that explains...
"Curious" <spamme...@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Unless the specs or instructions for the graphics card in your XP
machine specifically state that can output either DVI using a DVI
cable or VGA using a DVI to VGA connector(dongle) the odds are that
it does not.

"Charles W Davis" <newsgr...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I have a nearly new XP machine. I also have a new Win7 machine. I
continually work on other computers for our computer club.

I have bought a 4 port KVM switch with DVI in and out. My XP machine
(although it has a DVI connection on the back of the video card)
won't connect. I have now added a DVI to VGA connector at the XP
machine. Still won't recognize the monitor. The Win7 machine has no
problem with it.

Thoughts? Thanks

15 pin VGA cable to a 15 pin VGA "socket" port on the monitor is an
Analog VGA cable.

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