Re: Hard drive resizing doesn't work...

With the Vista tools you can only shrink and extend partitions (cut from the end and add to the end). Partitions cannot be moved with the Vista tools.

You need a third party tool to do what you want. Try GParted which is free.

On 29/10/2009 14:54, witten1972 wrote:
Hi members

I have a persistant problem with resizing of my internal hdd.
I'm using Windows Vista Home Premium 64bit on a HP Pavilion Elite with
an Seagate hard drive of 750gb.
Every time I want to resize my drive I get a message stating;
"Access denied". The original size is 750gb and I have 3 partitions on
C=245gb and I want to take 80gb to enlarge my D.
E=Factory image=32gb.

At this moment my C partition used about 43gb and when I turn on System
restore and hibernation the partition uses approximatly 65gb.

These are the things I tried:
- run this task as an administrator.
- disabled UAC, System restore, and antivirus product.
- gained full access via the Property- and Security tab.
- I've relocated the pagefile from C to D.

And without any positive results....

Does anyone have an adequate solution for this problem???
Sorry I've my English isn't perfect, it's not my native language...

Best regards Carlo