Re: Internal Wiring Problem

On Oct 11, 9:16 pm, Gingbeard <gu...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
It would seem like the wiring in my recently bought 'gaming' PC from
eBay is shot... if you move the internal wires, around with the PC on (I
mean, just poke the bundle of wires) all sorts can go wrong, if you move
the fan wires, the fans come off and on and the graphic's card's power
does the same.... What is going on?? What can I do to sort this
problematic wiring problem?

I do not believe it to be the PSU... as if you poke the wires near to
the PSU end of things, nothing happens at all...



Another reason why eBay should not be considered for a PC purchase.
Just what type of warranty was offered?

Also, since the video card power cables comes loose, I would suspect
either the PC was poorly assembled, video card power "connections" are
broken or PSU is extremely "cheap" in quality. Normal video card
power connections have a "locking" clip so as to attempt to reduce the
cable(s) from disconnecting.