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What is the make and model (be specific) of your computer?


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Make / model is not relivent!  I have added my own Broadcom USB
adapter.  IOGear GBU421 Bluetooth USB adapter.  It is then detected as
a Broadcom 2045 Bluetooth 2.0+EDR USB adapter.

Vista has limited bluetooth support, but installing the latest WIDCOMM
software adds additional support.
The MS bluetooth driver doesn't disappear if you have install WIDCOMM.
WIDCOMM just adds to it.

It sounds like you maybe using an older version of WIDCOMM.

Did you install the WIDCOMM software from the CD that came with the
bluetooth dongle?

If so you may want to download the latest WIDCOMM software, bluetooth
from Broadcom.

Do NOT uninstall the old bluetooth driver.  The Install program needs the
bluetooth driver (even if it is out-dated) to verify that you are using a
Broadcom bluetooth chip.  If it can't detect the bluetooth device, it
halt the install process and it won't download latest WIDCOMM software
updated bluetooth drivers.

The install is about 50MB, so it may take awhile to download.  The
link is for the installer, which is just to make sure you are downloading
the correct software for you bluetooth dongle.

This is exactly what I done.  The Widcomm did appear to install
correctly and did place tge 'My Bluetooth Places" onto the Vista
Desktop.  Then, ever since the first reboot after the successful
install, the "My Bluetooth Places" disappears and the lamed MS
Bluetooth stack takes over.

I guess you didn't understand me.  WIDCOMM does not replace MS Bluetooth
stack, it installs along side and adds addition Bluetooth support.

You didn't say you tried pairing.  What device you are you trying to pair to
the computer and what Bluetooth functionality you are trying to use?

Microsoft's Bluetooth is limited. Widcomm lets you configure a
Bluetooth audio but I can not with Microsoft's

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