Re: Asus NTSC TV-Tuner (Conexant Falcon II Chipset) x64 driver?

I tried the ASUS Falcon II TV card again in the new PC I built about 6
months ago. Windows 7 may have matured with the Build 7077.
Drivers were downloaded automatically and the following devices
appeared with no errors or exceptions:
Conexant Falcon II NTSC Video Capture
High Definition Audio Device
High Definition Audio Device
There is no need for TV sound connections as that is handled by Direct
Windows Media Center seamlessly configured the TV functions better than
any other TV app I have ever used. I have experienced quite a few and
most had serious problems. Windows 7 MC makes the TV card very user
friendly, especially handling scheduled recordings.
I still have not decoded how to get the FM radio function working.
Not bad for a card that cost me $9.99.

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